About Us


Fellowship for transformation through caring


EHA is a fellowship of Christian institutions and individuals that exist to transform communities through caring, with primary emphasis on the poor and the marginalized.

We care through:

  • Provision of appropriate health care
  • Empowering communities through health and development programs
  • Spiritual ministries
  • Leadership development
  • We serve people and communities regardless of race, caste, creed or religion with a geographical focus of north, north-east and central India.
  • We do this in the name of spirit of Jesus Christ so as to manifest Him through word and deed.


  • We strive to be transformed people and fellowships
  • Our model is servant leadership
  • We value team work
  • We exist for others, especially the poor and marginalized
  • We strive for the highest possible quality in all our services


LCH began its humble journey from a little medical outpost organized by Dr. Adelaid Woodard in 1931 at ‘Sunny Bank’ with Dr. E. J. Robinson as Medical Superintendent. LCH started out as a 12-roomed rented house which served as a dispensary catering to the needs of the missionaries. As the medical work grew, the need for more spacious and improved infrastructure was felt, and in response the local residents came together with the missionaries to raise support for the building of the hospital. In 1937 Dr. J. Lucas dedicated the site for the new building and Dr. E. J. Robinson turned the first sod of earth.

The foundation stone which read, “For the service of Jesus Christ, the Chief cornerstone”, was laid by Dr. J. Lucas. The construction of the hospital was supervised by Mr. Taylor, the architect who is also believed to have placed a box of current information within the cornerstone. These proceedings were witnessed by Woodstock School students along with their Principal Rev. Allen Parker. Others in that group were Rev. J. Grey from New Zealand Presbyterian Mission (Then minister in-charge of Kellogg Church), Mrs. Llewellyn (President of the American Presbyterian Mission) who was also elected as the President of Landour Community Hospital. The construction work was completed over a span of three years. Dr. Butcher, a member of Union Church, pioneered the work in the new building travelling daily from ‘Jhoola Ghar’ to serve the sick.

During the initial years, majority of the work was shouldered by doctors and nurses from overseas. Dr. Sitna, Dr. Waine Wortz, Dr. Gideon, Dr. Kumar Patel (South Africa) and Dr. Chatterjee to name a few. In 1970, Dr. Cyril. P. Dutt became the first Indian Medical Superintendent. Drs. Goldsmiths took charge of the hospital from 1977 to 1982 and were assisted by many nursing staff from overseas till Ms. Miriam Marston, the first Indian Nursing Superintendent.

The hospital was closely affiliated to the many schools in Mussoorie, such as, Woodstock School, Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School, Convent of Jesus and Mary School and St. George’s College. Drs. Goldsmiths handed over the hospital to Emmanuel Hospital Association. LCH became a member of EHA from January 1981. From 1982 to 1992, Dr. Reeta Rao worked as the Medical Superintendent. Mr. Cedric Finch and Dr. Benjamin Paulose assisted her as administrators.

The early 80s saw the expansion of community work and programs initiated by Dr. Peter Deutshman with support from TEAR Australia. At this point, Dr. Shalini Shah, Dr. Mauvie and Dr. Ashok Chacko ran the community work. In 1998, Dr. Jameela George took this forward. Under her guidance, the referral system developed for the safe delivery of pregnant mothers, became the first of its kind in Asia. o

From the year 2004 to 2011, hospital was managed by Dr. Mathew Samuel, Drs. Sam and and Elizabeth Jeevagan, Drs. Sam and Helen, Dr. Jim Henderson, Dr. Karen, Dr. Ted Lankaster and Dr. Olsen. It was during this time that the hospital underwent a major infrastructural revamping under the aegis of Mr. Sanjay Narang. In 2011, Dr. Uttam Mohapatra, a surgeon with years of experience in mission hospitals, took charge of LCH and subsequently handed over the responsibility of the hospital to Dr. Jewel Jagan Jacob and Dr. Roopa Verghese who guided and led the hospital with their professional and administrative skills till 2016.

LCH serves a unique and diverse community ranging from several hundred students and staff from different schools, hotel employees, tourists to villagers from the hills surrounding Mussoorie.